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Hello world!

16 Sep

My legal name is Mzuvukile Blessing Sotshangana. I identify myself as Vk ka Ntwana. Ntwana is my paternal surname. My folks were not married you see. I appreciate the meaning of the name Blessing but I have since stopped using it and I discourage the use thereof. I loathe the fact that I must have an English name dubbed Christian name. A name which makes it convenient for a select few to pronounce my name when such concessions are never reciprocated.

I am of the Miya clan- Gcwanini, Sibewu, Rhengqwa, Malebomvu bla bla bla.

It has always been my wish to lend somebody; anybody my body and my brain for just a day but I always fear they would not return it. There delicious goings-on in my mind and silent conversations are too precious for even just a second of an out-of-body experience.
Thankfully some smart peeps at wordpress invented this thingamagic so I shall occasionaly share with you what is on my mind….or reasonable facsimile thereof.

I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me Me.