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The Drama That Is South African Politics

15 Jan

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He Never Existed

14 Jan

When the grain that grows tomorrow is left to languish on the pavements invisible to the collective parent body and forgotten by the brotherhood of man we have a meltdown in our hands.


Faceless, Voiceless

He stares at the world with disinterested eyes
He waits for the downpour to cease
He expects neither hello nor goodbyes
From those that pass him with ease
This corner however will have to do
Because soon Meals-on-Wheels was due
The merciless rain coursed down from head to nose
A mixture of tears, snot and…was that blood?
And like the proverbial phoenix of old his hunger rose
Gnawing viciously at his belly and clawing at his very soul
“Stay alive” he pleaded with his feeble body
For that had become the only goal
Wicked memories danced and mocked his futile grasp at immortality
He remembered only insults, tears and brutality
He waited until the lights came on and the rain had abated
It was clear Meals-on-Wheels would not come but he waited
The continuum of time was lost to him
He waited as the streets grew dim
Meals-on-Wheels never came
And when his preteen body was discovered
They shook their heads in new-found sadness mumbling”Eish bandla! Lord have mercy”

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14 Jan

O M G!

The notion of God or a god, gods and other higher celestial beings is indeed an awesome wonder. This is as wondrous as the notion that all human beings are inherently good. L O L.

 L O L E S T.  Surely, some individual has wizened to the plain fact that we are as good as it profits us. The profits vary in forms of material rewards, verbal reassurances (genuine or otherwise) from others of how good we are. No act of goodness goes without that feeling of conceit in the poor guise of self-satisfaction and a sense of righteous pride. I digress.

  The Christian reference in this text is purely because I was raised as a Christian child and at some stage actively and voluntarily participated in Christian worship; given these circumstances, Christianity is my only logical point of reference(though not exclusively) and not because of any malicious intent to undermine the religion by means of ridicule, bias, or mockery.  I do believe I have earned every right to do so, but let us not go down that route.

As history would prove, such are the accusations levelled against those who question the existence of God, let alone a mention by name of any organised religion/belief system etc. 

I have serious issues with a being whose sole purpose for creating humanity is for man to worship him. For this is the explanation I get from every Christian worth his bible and a place on the right hand side of the Lord. Words like “conceited”, “egotistical” and “incredibly vain” come to mind. Might as well get your own mirror on the wall to remind, at command, what a wonder you are.

There are references in scripture of heavenly hosts praising and worshipping the Lord ceaselessly with shouts of “hosanna”.

Pardon me once again, but am I the only one who sees a picture of hypnotised individuals in zombie-like state prostrating continuously before a golden throne upon which is perched a Zeus-like figure smiling benignly upon the faithful. The picture of a self-satisfied smug.

The idea that I must believe unquestioningly in an invisible power whose existence is made known to the world by a book of sometimes questionable origin and accuracy, that often reads like Jack’s Tall Tales and other Fables (1556 1st edition), is somewhat disturbing, to say the least.

 Why then has this idea of a higher power prevailed throughout the ages despite the evolution god/God seems to have gone through?

If I were to base my very existence in a higher power, I would rather he remained constant, thank you. “god” has morphed from  a sword wielding, fire spitting, quick to avenge(having securely reserved the sole right to revenge), puritanical tyrant of old to the gentle, bleeding heart, democratic, homosexual loving god of the modern day.

Indeed, the Lord keepeth with the times.

The fact that there are so many versions and interpretations of this divinity; with some godly variations jealously claiming the exclusive right to the name God, others embarking on lifelong battles with other deities and demonic powers (and therein is another story) is somewhat disconcerting. Man, of course, as is often the case in these “Other- Realm” chess games beyond mere mortal comprehension, is invariably the pawn and the unfortunate casualty. 

Most bewildering is the claim some of the faithful seem to have over God.  There are those who are convinced, and have fought to the death just to prove that point, that the Lord has bestowed special favour upon them in the form of land, wealth and front row seats in the hereafter or perhaps a harem of virgins. The divide and rule tactic is as old as the hills.

 What is it with the human species and the insistence that there is something or someone greater than we are?

Can you imagine life without the knowledge that though ye walk in the shadow of death the Lord is with thee?

Not surprisingly many poor and struggling people spend countless hours on their knees in deep conversation with the Ancient of Days.  Only if an equal amount of time could be spent in the active pursuit of a better life.

“Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth”.  A lot of good that will do them, considering the Lord’s favoured method of cleansing is the Scorched Earth approach.

What hope would humanity hold onto if their loved ones died? We cling on the firm “knowledge” that our dear departed are not dead but merely sleeping and resting in the bosom of the Lord. We longingly look forward to that great reunion day somewhere above terra firma.

Methinks modern day psychologists have much to learn from scripture writers.

Why folk out an arm and a leg for a shrink when you can get all the comfort you need albeit coupled with some stern admonitions and blatant intimidation, from the scriptures.

The belief in and subsequent worship of higher beings is a great source of comfort and a sense of security. There is less to worry and fret about when one is confident that the Lord and a host of angels (even heaven needs good help) are on stand-bye ready to fight off legions of demonic powers under the leadership of the devil a.k.a Satan/Shitan/Beelzebub etc. These demonic delinquents are ready to entice us with all sorts of temptations from sexual fantasies of an exotic variety, to drugs, alcohol and other forms of forbidden pleasures. Emphasis on “pleasures”.  Many empires have been built and nations brought to their knees, all in the propagation of the Word of the Lord.

God has been introduced to the “lost” world by means of the sword ,cajoling, patronising, mutual compromise (though rarely) and threats of grave consequences (eternal damnation in fire and brimstone or a stoning being the preferred  form of discipline) should the call to abandon all earthly pleasures and pledge an unwavering allegiance to this awesome power goes unheeded.

I find it disturbing that the acknowledgement and resulting pledge of allegiance is not as instinctive as breathing or a “smooth sailing”

The walk with the Lord is not for the faint-hearted. It is filled with pain, temptation, many a “fall”, mortal danger and much doubt and even more unanswered questions.

These doubts, of cause, are undoubtedly the work of the devil; God’s lifelong nemesis, in association with a band of demonic bandits. These are the evil KGB whose only mission in life is to counter and frustrate efforts of heaven’s CIA. Man is once again the ransom.

It would seem that in some religions these battle scars earn the faithful a special place in the hereafter; pretty much like getting a window seat if you are a first time flier. In this case   it would probably be a few seats closer to the throne of glory for an exclusive audience with the Lord ; if you can make it  past the “twenty and the four”, a harem of virgins  and surely other pleasures that never made it to the cannon. A closer perusal of “apocryphal” scriptures is in order please. Surely, there should be more to heaven than “happy-clappy” worship day and night while the faithful bask in His awesome presence.

 Men with big screen televisions do that already each time they watch a sports channel-for many that is everyday- even though the object of affection is of the electronic variety.

A one-way ticket to hell (a place reserved for the hard at heart, unbelieving and sinful humans-right next to the devil by the way) is to question and or deny the existence of God.

What did Shakespeare say? “Hell hath no fury as a god scorned”. Well you catch my drift.

Apparently, God created man in his image only to be flame-grilled in flames of thermonuclear proportions for eternity. This brings a completely new dimension to tough love.

God exists because we want him to. God is comfort. God is hope. God is order. God is peace-if we are prepared to conveniently forget the crusades, jihad and other atrocious acts of violence in the name of religion and God.


Anarchy would reign supreme in the world if we all lived without the fear of divine retribution for transgressions.  It would be a chief of sinners’ “heaven”, if you will pardon the irony.

No stoning for the adulterers, flogging for homosexuals   and other punitive measures as sanctioned by heavenly decree.

A regular circus, with less humour and even lesser fun.

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I Am A Teacher

14 Jan

Never had a speaker exuded such confidence
Articulating this wisdom,
emphasizing the other
Somewhat patronizing as he speaks to the little people,
unshaken in the belief of knowing it all
The world of Shakespeare presented with verbal grandiose
The mysteries of solving X made even more cryptic by mathematical jargon
Poetry mercilessly dissected with the savagery of Piranahs by language masters
constructing all the while bizarre theories never imagined by the poet.
Coffee, a cigarette and gossip in the staffroom, all of five minutes and it’s back to the battlefield…I mean classroom.
I am a teacher.

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Dance With Me

14 Jan

A palpitating heart at the very thought of the object of my affection
Neither defense nor offense can yield the advance into the protected domain that is my heart
Unsettled by negotiating long- since forgotten territory
Fatigued by endless silent conversations with self about self and to self
Thrilled beyond measurable tally
Yet trapped and at times languishing in trepidation
One moment smiling in a day-dream like haze
The next summoning all faculties of Reason
And it is in Reason that I find my resolve
It is reasonable and within Reason that I should be loved
It is reasonable and within Reason that I should reciprocate such
Surely it is within Reason that I should love YOU!
There is much sense in such.
As ordained, blessed and consecrated by the universe
Ours is a dance to the tune of ululating, jeers and sighs
Ours is a life of the jubilation of well- wishers and venom of bitter scribes
An intricate tapestry of mime, music and merry-making
Tears, gasps and growing pains
Step to the dance floor that is our space and hold me close
Listen closely to the lyres gently strummed by circumstance
Let your feet move to the rhythm of the drum signaling the passage of time
Come closer
Closer still
Dance with me.

Vk ka Ntwana

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