Dance With Me

14 Jan

A palpitating heart at the very thought of the object of my affection
Neither defense nor offense can yield the advance into the protected domain that is my heart
Unsettled by negotiating long- since forgotten territory
Fatigued by endless silent conversations with self about self and to self
Thrilled beyond measurable tally
Yet trapped and at times languishing in trepidation
One moment smiling in a day-dream like haze
The next summoning all faculties of Reason
And it is in Reason that I find my resolve
It is reasonable and within Reason that I should be loved
It is reasonable and within Reason that I should reciprocate such
Surely it is within Reason that I should love YOU!
There is much sense in such.
As ordained, blessed and consecrated by the universe
Ours is a dance to the tune of ululating, jeers and sighs
Ours is a life of the jubilation of well- wishers and venom of bitter scribes
An intricate tapestry of mime, music and merry-making
Tears, gasps and growing pains
Step to the dance floor that is our space and hold me close
Listen closely to the lyres gently strummed by circumstance
Let your feet move to the rhythm of the drum signaling the passage of time
Come closer
Closer still
Dance with me.

Vk ka Ntwana

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