He Never Existed

14 Jan

When the grain that grows tomorrow is left to languish on the pavements invisible to the collective parent body and forgotten by the brotherhood of man we have a meltdown in our hands.


Faceless, Voiceless

He stares at the world with disinterested eyes
He waits for the downpour to cease
He expects neither hello nor goodbyes
From those that pass him with ease
This corner however will have to do
Because soon Meals-on-Wheels was due
The merciless rain coursed down from head to nose
A mixture of tears, snot and…was that blood?
And like the proverbial phoenix of old his hunger rose
Gnawing viciously at his belly and clawing at his very soul
“Stay alive” he pleaded with his feeble body
For that had become the only goal
Wicked memories danced and mocked his futile grasp at immortality
He remembered only insults, tears and brutality
He waited until the lights came on and the rain had abated
It was clear Meals-on-Wheels would not come but he waited
The continuum of time was lost to him
He waited as the streets grew dim
Meals-on-Wheels never came
And when his preteen body was discovered
They shook their heads in new-found sadness mumbling”Eish bandla! Lord have mercy”

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