3 Feb

I learnt these lines in a grade six production and I have no idea who the author is:
The world is full of missery and woe
(Take these two tramps for example
Where will they go?)
Wondering on through the filth and the glool
Never knowing the comfort of a cosy room
But waitn why begin to pity them
For their lack of dignity
For they their beds have made
And therein must lie
Save your pity
Lend a hand to those who rather try
But if good fortune on each of us did fall
Then this life would be a living hell for all
For the power of greed would surely succeed
Each other’s life to scar
Compassion therefore, is an admirable emotion
Externalised, it will reveal your devotion
Of kindness and goodwill to all mankind
This quality in man is bery hard to find
I leave you now on this thiught to ponder
And as you reflect may you often wonder
About those who may be leass fortunate than you or i
And in what possible way you may help please try
For yesterday is history
Today we’re living a victory
And tomorrow my friends
A divine mystery

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