This, My Life

13 Feb

Mine is a world regulated by conspiracy
All I see, feel and experience is a result of action and counter-action by various forces at play in the universe
I understand the dynamics in and of this world are a continuum
Mine is to adapt to it’s contours and grooves for a harmonious ride
I am a powerful force whose footsteps reverberate throughout the universe
The sounds of which change the world, one step at a time
I seek neither peace nor happiness
I strive for contentment
I own my successes and failures,
Realistic of my capabilities
I have learnt that anger unaccompanied with brute force is counterproductive disempowering
Love for work lightens the burden
Love for others makes for many a delightful encounter
And love for self is to total bliss

The Book Of Random Epiphanies, Vk ka Ntwana

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