Declaration Of Rights Is Justification For Existence

17 Mar

In an evolved world there are no defined rights but a state of being. Defined rights are testimony to man’s dark desire for complete dominance over all within his survey.
Clearly as a species we have not as yet evolved to a state where the primal instinct to survive, dominate and thus ensuring a lofty position on the food chain in us dies a natural and dignified death.
The need to serve self first, that primal desire to survive and dominate others at all costs has meant that man will stop at nothing least of all the life and contentment of another in the quest for supremacy.
Dominion(read damnation) comes in the form of political ideology, religious dogma, cultural imperialism, social idealism and arbitrary personal whims.
One who is in total connection with self harbors no desire to declare his “rights” to all within earshot; nay, he lives it with no obligation to go into the why’s and wherefores for such choice/act.
He is also so content the need to dominate is not necessary, too busy being and living.

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