I’m Not A Racist, I Have Nothing Against Black People.

23 Mar

The ONLY racist act(read complaint by black against white folk) people(read black folk) can EVER legitimately complain about is the denial of opportunities by those in power(I’m sure you know the drill by now, read white people in power). PERIOD!
The rest is victim talk at it’s ugliest and most pathetic.
As reasoning individuals with preferences and free will we are not under any duress or obligation to love other races. Love is a choice we make which pretty much shapes the rest of our lives.

Racists acts such as name calling(the infamous k word comes to mind)to ridicule should really only affect the weak and the apologetic.
It is easy to see others’ perception of you as unworthy because of your race if you yourself feel precisely that.
Those that are bullied complain of bullying. The bullied are victims. Victims are powerless. The powerless have no place, be it in the only land they have ever known or in the cold dispassionate world out there.
Take charge of your life already and live and it. Validation from another race is not the key ingredient to one’s greatness and progress.
So what if you are called a monkey? Baboon? Uncivilized savage? Are you any of those things? How is one’s subjective opinion of you a definition of who you are?
Fight for what you believe you are entitled to.
Claim back the power and cuss back when called a savage or monkey if the fancy takes you or just sit down and for crying out loud stop whining!

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