Top 0r Bottom: The Politics Of Sex

23 Mar

Sex, ladies and gentlepersons, is all about dominion. Dominate or be dominated. Period.
It reeks of power over another from the basic missionary position in heterosexual sex to the outright denial of many a homosexual man to being penetrated.
The language we use is clear illustration that sex is a power game.
A few minutes ago I wrote “we’re being screwed bareback over and over” and my mom couldn’t get over her boss’ utterance: Nx! Ungijwayela kabi lo. Ungibhebha ngimile!(I need to tell you I had a good hour laughing at this. The fact that my mom told such a saucy tale was just too much)
Methinks sex is the one of the few instances where the animal in all of us surfaces to the fore, next to Flee or Fight. Cunilungus and felatio are usually precursors of how that particular sexual event will pan out. The first one to go down usually assumes the dominated role. Be they homo or hetero.
Amongst many heterosexual men it is all too often “wham! Bam! Thank you mam!”- testimony that it is all about him. It’s usually a matter of “let me do as I please with your body for as long as I can hold it in”
And then there’s the verbal obstacle course with homosexuals from identifying oneself as bottom, top or verse and my favourite: straight acting. Bedroom theatrics? Somebody better start handing out oscars.

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