Black Man Read Or Shut The Fuck Up

29 Apr

Tragic realization: many of my black friends really do loathe reading.(No not you Lusu*wink*). Comments such as “awema inteningi kanje ngizoyiqalangaphi” are common place. This is probably how the country and it’s wealth was unceremoniously yanked from under our feet like a dusty rug. We owe it to our ancestors to read…and read like mad. “Iqra” the angel Jabriel is recorded to have ordered Muhammad in the 96th chapter of the Quran. Read…Recite. There are also a number of hadiths that encourage the seeking of knowledge. Today muslims mostly of arab and indian extraction know have internalized the command to “seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” Knowledge acquisition is not limited to the classroom behind a graffiti defaced desk. Today your top neuro surgeons and other scientists are muslim. Your captains of industry are and top corporate management is Indian. They read. They study.
It is a well known fact that relations between Indians and Black people in South Africa, particularly in KZN and even more so in Durban are strained. Darkies bitch of Indians “taking over”. That’s the reward of education ladies and gentlemen, you take over and the minions stare in surprised horror and grumble in Envious, our fourteenth official language.
Yes we have been disadvantaged by apartheid but for how long are we going to hold on to that particular lament for even the smallest things we can control?
The burden does not only lie with the already overworked and demotivated teacher. Children pick up the attitude towards the written word from home.
When parents simply put things aside because they find reading label instructions too cumbersome there is no way children can be expected to investigate and interpret the written word with any amount of enthusiasm.
Some literate parents are only too happy to listen to an oral commentary from the child on the contents of a letter from school because it’s just too much to read.
I got thinking about this because I always send links to peeps and without fail the reaction from my black peeps is “wtf is this?”. Chris Rock once said to hide money from a darkie you should just hide it in the book. Guaranteed safety.

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3 Responses to “Black Man Read Or Shut The Fuck Up”

  1. spanela April 29, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    I will admit, I’m guilty of the same thing, I absolutely dislike reading, which is something strange for someone studying journalism, coz my lecturer keeps telling us to read every thing that we come across. The only time I’m ever motivated to read is if I see a handwritten letter then I know there’s probably something juicy

    • vukile April 30, 2012 at 3:12 am #

      Lol and this is why other races walk over us. We did not as black people discover science or modern medicine but there’s nothing stopping us from playing catch up but ourselves.
      Reading is anathema for my learners and it drives me up the proverbial wall.

  2. sqomane May 9, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    I also lost my enthuisiasm for reading in my late teens due to peer pressure and my own stupidity. I also have a bad habit of skim reading. *goes to the naughty corner*

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