29 Apr

The realization that the fundamental role of civil society is the black agenda pisses me off no end. From aiding poor black people to educating the dark continent and feeding the poor little natives and advocacy. There’s something amiss with a situation that is conducive for mostly white led and administered advocacy groups on behalf of the black majority where intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals wax lyrical about a life they are far removed from. The repercussions of this is a combination of patronizing and condescending bordering on subtle to outright in-your-face racism by the very people who purport to be champions of human rights. The pity for the previously disadvantaged(I have said before there’s nothing “previous” about a continuum of odds)is often palpable and feels like one is listening to nails scratched across a chalkboard.
I have also mentioned before that if white peeps honestly feel theirs are ill gotten gains then they should do right thing and redistribute the wealth as much as they can. To gain millions of dollars in funds, bask in the international media spotlight and run expensive NGO operations in rectifying damage caused by one’s very own ancestors just sounds wrong to me. It’s just not enough.
NGO’s would do well to educate the “advantaged” and strive for a complete change of mind, attitude and perception than spending millions of donar dollars on projects that are just a drop in the ocean and do little to alleviate the lot of the majority.
The burden of white guilt should translate to more than intellectual rhetoric and be more hands-on. It’s not blanket handouts, food parcels or meals-on-wheals that the black peeps of this country and continent for that matter need, but access to opportunities.
A potential employer who is cognizant of the scourge of apartheid would be less anal about experience and dare I say education, banks would have found a way to be more accessible even to the poor of the poorest and YES tertiary education would be scott free FOR ALL!
It these players that civil society should focus on than hurtling down a dirt road in a posh 4X4 to some obscure village with kilograms upon kilograms of unbranded mielie-meal of questionable standards and origin.

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  1. spanela April 29, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    Very interesting observations indeed

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