BigBrother Africa: A Celebration Of Raw Testesterone And Heterosexual “Superiority”

9 May

Hi my name is Vk, and I’m a big brother addict.
I’m not about to spend time writing on the morbid fascination of watching people go on with their “lives.” I suppose BigBrother appeals to the voyeurist in all of us. Well at least in all of me. Let me write of my observation.

The Contestants

As usual Biggie went all out as it seems like most of the contestants have been refereed by model agencies. The girls are beautiful little(some far from little) missies with curves in all the right places.
This is complimented by bristling brawn with lumps and bumbs in just the right places.
As the norm this year’s house comes with a full compliment of intellectuals, pseudo-intellectuals, wannabees and the mandotory weed head.

Homophobia is a phenomenon that raises it’s ugly head a number of times in the BB house(Amplified House included).
According to my knowledge this has never been blatant or in-your-face; just dropped titbits in conversation followed by macho guffaw and much back slapping in congratulation. Bits like” hey I love you dude but I’m no homo” or my favourite from last night “don’t drop the soap” or the tired “that’s so gay”
I felt the compulsion to throw in my five cents’ worth after last night’s drama with the soaping activity.
The game was almost brought to a stand still as our African brothers refused to be sopaped by other guys. That’s fine with me but I took issue with the gems that were thrown in in defense for such a stance.
To sit there and listen to people who’s
Africanness is only evident in their skin colour wax lyrical about what an African man should and should not do is laughable.
I cannot for the life figure out why these guys are petrified of physical proximity. The fear is almost pathaological.
Are these beefy housemates at ease and comfortable in their own skins? Why does macho talk translate to hate speech and warped lectures on morality?


This year’s group doesn’t do things subtley. A script was executed from day one and some of these poor kids are struggling top keep up the momentum.
Prezzo(he of the bongo lips) is a philosopher of sorts, a “regular Voltaire”(to steal line from Les Miserables) Prezzo, by the way, is also the one if the Adam&Steve gems.
If the rest of the housemates are not careful this is one charecter that will have them tearing each others’s hair out and scuttle back to him for comfort.

I like Barbz. I have heard a read a lot of bitchy comments but I suspect it’s from envy more than anything else. Envious is our fourtheenth odfficial language.
Another one that sticks out for me is Lady May. I could serve her on a place with loads of cream.
This girl is in touch with every part of her body and her personality is infectious. Loving the high-heel routine when she exercises.

In conclusion: BigBrother is such an unreal world so to expect perfection or even a semblence of reality is a tall order. I would, however, would like to point out that prejudice of any sort that goes unchallenged in the House is almost like advocacy for bigotry. I’m jus’ sayin’


3 Responses to “BigBrother Africa: A Celebration Of Raw Testesterone And Heterosexual “Superiority””

  1. gugu ngubane May 9, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    Couldn’t agree with u more about the sopaing fiasco- it was absolutely uncalled for but seemingly the men have their own issues and they are trying to put the blame on Barbs. My experience is f u r oversensitive about homos u probably have a secret desire to be one. On Lady May though I disagree, the girl is just too vain for me- kinda high school like. Absolutely no substance there- nada! Am glad though that the dreadlocked junkie can see that Barbs is an intelligent woman. Big up to that

  2. sqomane May 9, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    VK you just wanna see em rubbing soap on each other you blerry perv.

  3. vukile May 18, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    I rest my case. Was listening to the housemates speak and any remotely homosexual act is expressly forbidden in the rules. Maybe next the it should be shot in uganda or ghana

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