Team Khaya, Team Luclay……Leasons Learnt

3 Oct

Team Khaya, Team Luclay: Lessons Learnt

Above: Idols SA season 8 winner Khaya Mthethwa and South Africa’s Big Brother Africa Amplified Luclay

In the midst of all the strife, grief and mayhem it never ceases to amaze me how much humanity can rally behind an individual, in pursuit of a common goal and that would be the victory of said individual.

When ulterior motives and selfish desires and bitterness are not part of the picture; qualities that pretty much characterize the human race; reaching a common goal that brings much joy and pleasure to all is quite possible.

It takes television shows like big Brother or Idols to remind me of that spirit of community amongst a people.

The latest Idols South Africa victory by Khaya Mthethwa refers.

Here’s a young man who was known only by a handful of the three million or so voters but the support he received from perfect strangers was awe inspiring. It was Team Khaya all the way. One would have sworn we knew the young man on a personal basis.

As in any campaign there were a few detractors who took to the social media with all manner of venomous diatribe. Such dissenters were either not entertained or were shown exactly which cliff they should go to practice somersaults.

Rewind to 2011’s Big Brother Africa Amplified and meet Luclay, a charismatic character and an actor from Cape Town, South Africa.  Granted I was not crazy about Luclay at first but the hype from ordinary and mostly struggling South Africans who wanted to see this young man win the coveted  US$300 00 (about  1.3 million rands ) was infectious.

Khaya Mthethwa walks away from Idols with prizes totaling about 1 million rands, inclusive of the latest Ford Fiesta and a recording contract.  Ordinary people got him there. I know of people (myself included) who would spend their last rand purchasing airtime to text votes for Khaya or their favourite contestant. It was touching.

This reminds of Susan Boyle’s first audition in Britain’s Got Talent. More than the beauty of her voice I wept at the response she got when she opened her mouth. There’s something intoxicating and touching when one sees people rooting for a person; for a moment I forget that in a different context the very same people can turn on each other with murderous rage or cruel cunning. For a moment all is good with the world.

Not all is lost then when we can still express goodwill to and for others. Fight for others. Forget the Self but push the next man to the top.

I feel good when I support, encourage or help the next person. It is empowering and addictive.

Now the next step is to harness that power and live it rather than in random bursts of energy that vanish at the next crisis where Self takes priority.


One Response to “Team Khaya, Team Luclay……Leasons Learnt”

  1. marieclv October 4, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    Great to see young men doing positive things and supporting others. Our success comes from within, we have to believe in ourselves. Also no that, all good things come from God and that all things work together for the good to them that love the Lord. All things are possible to them that truly believe. Keep up the good work, stay positive and trust God, all blessings come from above.

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