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Oh Screw It,It Wasn’t Love

21 Feb

It’s been a while now but I just can’t seem to get over you
It didn’t take you long though
After all you got over me while you were still with me you fart

Many times had I just about debased myself, gave up personal independence and pandered to your whims in the misguided belief I was compromising. Truth of the matter I was just too grateful to have you. In quite a fucked up twist you were an answer to every emotional fear I ever had and the bringing to life of every insecurity ever to riddle my psyche. The betrayals, disappointments and those annoying moments where I had to suffer your petulant anal retentive two year old baby tendencies. Aaaaaaargh you were such administration. It was the glimpses of the You that I had fallen in love with that kept me in what was clearly a toxic cesspool. The You that I had fallen in love with would make random cameo appearances much to the raucous applause of my love sick emotions and the only thing left was for me was to wag my furry tail. Infatuation doesn’t last this long does it? Well since you couldn’t reciprocate my affections how about we just jump in the sack the next time we meet…and the next…and the next