My two cents’ worth

12 May

Lately there’s a lot of clichéd, cheesy and melodramatic nonsense that read like grade 10 essays on facebook. Often it would be some sad soppy story that according to the foreword is going to tug at one’s heart strings bla bla bla fish paste.
Anywho this wildly dramatic tale that invariably involves blood guts and gore, the occult and throw in some grotesque tumor for good measure will be told with the plot predictably leading to some incantation in the name of Jesus. The authority at which the author commands blessings upon those who “share” or “like” this fantastic trip is awe inspiring. Disturbing yes but still inspires much awe.
Most importantly what I get from it is somebody in need of validation of own belief.

And another thing

What’s this I hear of blasphemy laws in some countries?
I don’t get this. Shouldn’t deities be given their own chance to deal with “sinners?” Kanti what is judgment day and other exotic tortures that come with it for? Why can’t people be just chilled in their own beliefs and leave others to their own perdition without the burning desire to drag others with? I’m sure if god, allah, krishna and and and were offended by a particular snub it is within their power to address the situation expeditiously. To watch indifferently as their creation tear each other apart on their behalf makes me imagine one of the following scenarios: they must be in their respective heavens or paradises thinking “wtf are they on about?” or there’s much ado about nothing. I guess every convert is another validation stamp in what you believe. Those that “blaspheme” challenge the very core of that belief.
Why should people of any faith huff and puff over “blasphemy?” Blasphemy is relative for crying out loud.


One Response to “My two cents’ worth”

  1. Sithi Angel Ntwana May 12, 2013 at 1:53 am #

    Really, If my salvation rested upon liking some ridiculous wright up that lacks relevance to my situation, That would be a very sad day. Very sad day.

    I think that is blasphemous, to blackmale me in the name of Jesus. “If you love God, send this to 10 people” really? How about, I don’t send this to anybody and let’s see if I’ll be turned into a pillar of salt?

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