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Oh but for the adults I know!

17 Jul

I need to rewire and reset myself to the same frequency as the many people I interact with. The assumption that all think like me is the cause for many a tension.
There are things I would NEVER ask nor demand from the next person and people have no qualms doing that to me.
And then there’s the random acts of kindness which one does without much thinking and I find the reciprocation of same almost impossible and in the rare occasion it is accompanied with much fan fare, ululation and speeches.
In the few times I have returned fire with fire, a tit for tat of sorts where my behaviour and demenour matched the next person’s I find there is not only much wailing and gnashing of teeth, outrage even, but there’s also the heightened state of unnecessary tension.

There’s a manner of speaking, a tone that I reserve for the next person. It never ceases to amaze me though how some people can open their mouths and let rip without a second thought.

I respect the next person’s property, however grand or minute. Once again I get endless thrills at how all I own or possess is a free for all. I find many folks would gladly help themselves to whatever without so much as a by-your-leave.
Most of these social faux pas that I witness are usually met with intrigued silence on my part. Some call it passive agression.
In my silence I ask myself how in the world can the next person not see how badly behaved they are. In my silence I’m fascinated at how some people seem to be completely desensesitized.
In my silence I’m agog at how some people are so out of touch that the finer nuances of interpersonal relationships could be aptly described as UFO’s to them.
It shocks me how some of the lessons I learned as a child escaped some adults I know I always say.
I’m grateful for the type of parents I have.
My folks taught me etiquette. My mother has always had issues with badly behaved children. Especially hers. Parents each your children and make them better adults.