3 Jan


On Sunday the now (in)famous Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) aired what is again deemed a controversial wedding. This time around the controversy came in the form of a same-sex (in line with the show’s descriptions, but in fact the couple are heterosexual couple, the bride being trans*) wedding from Limpopo. The happy and proud couple (Nthabiseng and Given) gave us their own depiction of a perfect wedding; and notwithstanding the usual set backs, the wedding was beautiful. It was comparable to the standard of many Black (usually township) weddings throughout recent history. However, as expected in a homophobic, patriarchal and non-transformed country, South Africans were up in arms declaring their disgust and extreme levels of discomfort towards the episode of OPW. Bible faithfuls wasted no time in reminding us about the origins (and intentions) of humans (Adam and Eve re-surfaced), traditionalists pointed to the death of African customs and traditions…

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  1. AT Gangatha March 19, 2016 at 2:05 am #

    VK in terms of our legal system and the Constitution of RSA one has free will of pursuing sexual orientation of their choice. But again viewing in terms of African moral theories and ethics could put us on different footing, which I do not wish to dwell much on, for the fear of being label discriminatory in some way.

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