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Musings Of A Masochist

20 Nov

Hurting,anxious,bitter and sad
I am unacknowledged
At times I doubt my very existence
I am unappreciated
Snubbed,rejected and shunned
And yet I hold on to the slippery rope

And yet I hope for a better tomorrow
And yet I know I am an option
Unappreciated, pathetic and confused
Like a dog eager for affection
I jump roll and pant for affection
Only too pleased to be noticed if only for a brief moment
And yet I stay in ambiguous welcome
Gutted, reeling and groaning
Wounded by careless words
Seared and scalded by indifference
Denied love,joy withheld
All this in the illusion of being needed
Battered brutalized and betrayed
And like a well-trained dog I wait for the release command
For I will not liberate myself voluntarily
Like a demonic dog I slobber and howl into the night that is my love life.
Desperate, needing and longing….